Jamison Ragusa's Portfolio

Space Tower

You are a player represented by a simple blue rectangle that must defend a large raised platform from the red rectangles which try to push you off the tower. This game is a bit more polished than my last project. It has music and sound, a HUD and full gui system, enemies with AI, and physics simulation. All textures were either self made or acquired online, including the skybox textures and the earth texture. The music was acquired legally from OCremix.org, and models were acquired from Turbosquid.com. The way you defend your tower from the oncoming waves of enemies is with your trusty comically large sword, which, instead of using prerendered attack animations, works on the physics engine, meaning that they keys you press to swing the sword apply physical force to it instead of playing a swinging animation. That increases the difficulty of the game and serves as the main mechanic, forcing the player to carefully maneuver their sword to get the most accurate and powerful swing.
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